TRANS Park White 2013

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TRANS Park White 2013



Welcome to the top level. The new Park Girl combines the great fit of an all-round shoe with the highestn demands for every terrain.

Size36 - 43
FeaturesNew ICA leather for extra long lifetime and high-grade optic in combination with different parts of immitational leather and fabric
3D preshaped thick padded fleece inside-shoe
Best heel fixation due to padding system
Additional C-shaped ankle parts with adjustable ankle hold
Light, low sole in three-part form with additional air chamber for best cushioning
Preshaped tounge with continious padding
Latest double fastlace system makes lacing very simple – fix and lace in one step
Metal locks
Long lasting, flexible and handy speedlaces
Microflexible, costly and reinforced Cordura shaft
Diverse sticks and gum logos

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